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Monday, June 16, 2014

A Quiet Drive

Adding a car to your life is a lot more complex than something like a TV because of all the other layers involved.  As fun as it was to drive around with our "Zero Emissions" factory plate we were going to have to get Serena an actual legal license plate... but before that nifty factory plate came off I wanted to get some more pictures.  What I was looking for was a park setting.   This is what I found instead:

Pretty sure that of all the things in this cemetery... the only thing not emitting anything is the Tesla.  Let the record show that HAD there been people around I would not have stopped for a picture.  But there weren't and it dead quiet as ... well, a cemetery.  Not a soul arou--  well, maybe a couple?   It was a complete ghost town as far as I could tell.
Have I mentioned how much I love the rear hips on this car?  Just gorgeous styling.  Dear Tesla, well done.

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