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Friday, May 6, 2016

Ross Park Mall Kiosk Grows Into STORE

Pittsburgh has long felt like a backwater town in Tesla's world.  My purchase was credited to Philadelphia.  It was delivered off a truck from Columbus.  It was serviced (until recently) by folks from or at Cleveland-- and now a Ranger commuting from Maryland!  Sure, Tesla surrounded us with Superchargers in Somerset and Cranberry (which Jake and I christened), but we were always a bridesmaid as Tesla took other cities into their honeymoon suite.
Then about a year ago, I caught a "help wanted" ad for Pittsburgh Tesla sales reps.  Soon thereafter, the company timidly consummated their spring fling by opening up a kiosk in Ross Park Mall.  Thankfully, they're not stopping there... Here I present to you: A STORE.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Model X 90D: Test Drivers Wanted

The production ramp on the Model X has been accelerating and Tesla is eager to clear the backlog of orders and get some new ones.  To that end, they've been dispatching the X to stores and galleries so that we, the unwashed masses, can finally try to put our fingerprints on those glossy seat backs.
The Pittsburgh Ross Park Mall Tesla Store has received this Titanium X 90D for use as a test drive car and they're already scheduling the runs.  That's right, she's ready to roll.  So I went over to get a closer look.