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Monday, January 23, 2017

Looking Back - My First Annual Service/Review of "New" Model S

My first annual service came just shy of a year after we took delivery of Serena, in April 2015.  I knew that Tesla would be changing the cars aggressively but I was blindsided by how extensive the upgrades were, even at that time.  The gulf between our humble S85 and a new 90D can't be overstated-- but don't misunderstand me, I'm still very satisfied with our purchase.
That said, I was looking forward to playing with a brand new Tesla and I came away with mixed feelings... which Tesla quickly rendered obsolete (What the wha...???).  Guess it's time to get this off my chest and it should have some useful info for those of you shopping used/CPO now.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Service Center Gets Its War Paint

The newest front in the battle between gas and electric is about to open in Wexford, Pennsylvania.  The local dealership group continues playing in the dirt across the road as they lay the foundations of their new Maserati and Bentley dealerships next to their Volvo and Lexus ones.  Meanwhile, work continues on the Tesla Store / Service Center as the American company continues its expansion into the Pittsburgh market during what could become turbulent times for the auto industry-- especially for those expensive imports across the battlefield.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Tempting the Revival of "The Curse"

A long-running joke and "Tesla Lore" among our household and my friend Jake is: THE CURSE.  You can read all about it on this old blog post, but basically it all started when I was "sold" on getting a Tesla Model S.  We were still months (maybe years?) from actually ordering one, but Jake wanted to help cement the notion so he passed down a nice Tesla license plate frame that had adorned the car he owned prior to taking delivery of his Tesla.  
What happened after that license plate frame was installed was nothing short of calamity after calamity.  The Chrysler seemed to rebel against the notion of being replaced and threw mechanical temper tantrums and then finally got smashed into by another car--- or was it an ACCOMPLICE?  So we joked that the frame was cursed...  and here we go again, OH I HOPE NOT.