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Friday, April 24, 2015

Pittsburgh Location Soon?

Well... look what I found...  A possible store coming to Ross Park Mall?
 I think I have something worth clicking through for....

Let's Make a DEAL!

After a soft launch and rumored great prices... the OFFICIAL Tesla CPO sales website has gone LIVE.  If you've pondered getting a Tesla but found the price steep...  THIS is the moment you've been waiting for:
Now GET out there and get yourself a DEAL!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hat Tip to a Job Well Done

UPDATE:  It appears the video discussed here has been taken off YouTube.  HOWEVER, it has been reposted on VIMEO.  Link after the click...
My day job is as a video editor and I'm always happy to find and applaud the work of my colleagues.  This video (by Cinesaurus) is just one of many on their YouTube channel that is super-creative and well executed.  Not only that, but the underlying message is part of the revolution I've long hoped for-- which I'll explain.  
While at first the Tesla connection might not seem obvious... WATCH and you'll find yourself smiling soon enough.  Click through for the video: It. Is.  EPIC.