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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hat Tip to a Job Well Done

UPDATE:  It appears the video discussed here has been taken off YouTube.  HOWEVER, it has been reposted on VIMEO.  Link after the click...
My day job is as a video editor and I'm always happy to find and applaud the work of my colleagues.  This video (by Cinesaurus) is just one of many on their YouTube channel that is super-creative and well executed.  Not only that, but the underlying message is part of the revolution I've long hoped for-- which I'll explain.  
While at first the Tesla connection might not seem obvious... WATCH and you'll find yourself smiling soon enough.  Click through for the video: It. Is.  EPIC.

REMINDER-- unfortunately this video has been pulled from YouTube, but currently you can see it right here:   https://vimeo.com/125746164
When I first ran across the video, I thought it was made by SpaceX employees-- in fact, I was remarking to a coworker about what a good job they'd done for a bunch of rocket scientists!  As I  poked around the channel I realized that this was made by talented folk who knew editing like SpaceX knows rockets-- but that doesn't diminish in any way their fine efforts.  

As a tribute-parody video to SpaceX, I can think of few that would be able to surpass it.  Perhaps you're not a fan of the original song, but among the "kids these days" it is quite a hit and I'm finding it pumping out through Slacker every time I'm doing carpool duty.  

When I was a kid athletes and movie stars were the cool role models.  Nowadays, thanks to people like Elon and videos like this one, scientists and engineers are being held up as the cool role models.  In the quest for making inventive and creative thinking a life goal over slam-dunking and spiral-passing, THIS is a superb viral marketing tool.  Spread it around!   

Watching my kids smile and bob their heads to their NEW FAVORITE VERSION of the song means that Cinesaurus taught my kids more about SpaceX/Tesla being cool than my lectures ever could.  Maybe they won't grow up to be rocket scientists anymore than they would have been NBA or NFL stars-- but they're getting the message that brainpower is hip and intelligence is not something to be ashamed of when hanging out with the other "cool kids".    I remember growing up with those "Revenge of the Nerds" movies and all the over-emphasis on school athletics (here's looking at you, junior-high-in-Georgia-years) and lamenting that a keen mind was not as valued as a strong arm.  

I can't imagine what the future holds... but I'm hopeful that the coming generations are finally getting the message that it is the THINKERS who move us forward, not the jocks. The "revolution" was off to a slow start though.  Sure, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were brainy movers and shakers but as smart as both were, neither were inherently cool.  Interesting and innovative (and their products), yes... but not COOL.

About 10 years ago, if you would have asked me, I'd have said that Dean Kamen was the best hope we had for changing the celebrity/athlete hero culture.  Not only was the Segway cool, but he started FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), a program designed to make entrepreneurial inventors the new heroes.  Next came Sir James Dyson with his air of British nobility to extoll the virtues of  technology and engineering...    But wait.   Kamen made a mall cop's best friend (and some cool wheelchairs-- but few of us have need of those) while Dyson made vacuum cleaners and hand blowers.   While all solid products, none of them are COOL.  Then Elon Musk came along dabbling in sports cars and rockets...  and whooshed past them in the public imagination.  Well, so be it!   No question who the cool kid in THAT crowd is!

Revenge of the Nerds INDEED!   Vive la Revolution!

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