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Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Penny For My Thoughts?

As soon as I knew we were getting a Model S, I started this blog.  My wife was tired of my blathering on about our upcoming car in the months while we waited for it to go into production and I needed an outlet.  It's my understanding there are a number of other car blogs that have been birthed by similar compulsions.
Since Serena arrived, I've tried to be candid and open about my various thoughts on the car and have reviewed a number of accessories here and there.  My goal was to help nudge you-- yes, YOU-- off the fence railing and into the ownership of your own Tesla.  And now... the best nudge yet!

You may have noticed that (at least for the next 2 months) there's a bright couple of lines on the top of all my blog pages.  It's my referral link for you-- yes, YOU-- to finally jump into the Tesla owners' community with both feet.  If you've found any of my blog useful, helpful or even just stupidly entertaining, please use THIS LINK when you're ready to buy:  http://ts.la/matt327

Go ahead.  Click it.  Try it.  See?   YOU get to save $1000!!  It's like a FREE SEAT UPGRADE!  Or maybe you're just really into cupholders and want a removable rearseat console FOR FREE!

"YOU get a cupholder!  And YOU get a cupholder!" can be you rallying cry to the little munchkins who would have otherwise sat back there, dehydrated and curling at the edges as they whimpered for juicebox and promised to never ever squeeze it and make straw fountains in their own miniature Bellagio display--  Yes.  I have brought you the solution to your problem.


And...   I get a little something too.  I can finally buy something from Tesla OTHER than the car!  I get a $1000 too-- it'll be like we're sharing Christmas!  Or whatever holiday makes you happy, Referral Person!
This blog has been a great hobby-- and will continue to be one (I have about 20 posts sketched out, a backlog built up because my writing life has been very time constrained lately)-- but it doesn't pay a DARN thing.  Oh, yeah-- Google will send me a check now and then for whatever ads you see adorning the walls here, but trust me...  the check is so pitiful that it barely covers the price of a MATCHBOX Tesla.  I don't do it for the money, 'tis true, but this would be a great way for you to bless me with something I can't get otherwise:  validation for the time I've invested trying to inform and amuse you.  A thank you straight from YOU and paid for by Elon.  How cool would that be?

So what do you say?  You've read enough to know my suggestion is that everyone needs this car.  YOU too.  Ready?  Set?  BUY HEREhttp://ts.la/matt327.  Thank you.  Thank YOU.  Also, call the local store and give them the heads up, so they can get a little credit with corporate too.

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