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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Model S(teppenwolf)

My favorite car commercial-- FOR YEARS-- was one for the Dodge Viper.   It was spectacularly cool, with Steppenwolf blaring and really innovative video color effects (for the time).   Check it out... then I'll explain:
Everyone always compares the ride of the Tesla Model S (with the air suspension-- which I don't have, actually) to a "Magic Carpet Ride" as you whoosh about silently.  And I have wanted to recreate that commercial using a Tesla ever since my first ride.  One quiet night at work.... I found a few minutes to make one...  Wanna see??

With not enough free time to shoot my own, I was delighted to watch Top Gear US do a review on the P85-- in my color even!  Rutledge Wood loved the car (and Richard Hammond of the UK version has also hinted he might buy one) and their crew shot it BEAUTIFULLY.  

So I tinkered around with their footage and the audio from the original Dodge commercial and came up with this:
Don't wonder why it doesn't come up on searches, the video is unlisted to keep the view counts down... and is not monetized on YouTube.  I figured a few clicks from my friends here wouldn't draw too much attention and I'd hope a little flattering reuse would be tolerated when attributed.  

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  1. Wow you have the video-editing capabilities of a PROFESSIONAL! Go figure...


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