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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Service Center Has a Lot Going On

This is actually the fourth update on the new Service Center's construction.  With a harsh winter forecast for Pittsburgh, it seems the bulk of the construction work has been to the systems and exterior of the building.
 With one glaring exception... the facade itself.  While it looks like something is happening here, it isn't.

The full plans for the site and the building can be found in my earlier post about the Tesla Service Center coming to Wexford.  If you look carefully at the pictures before work began, you'll see this same half-tone facade section was there then too.  The embossed Ethan Allen logo over the main entrance still remains.
Most of the work has been with regards to the site's drainage and a retention pond.  Large concrete pipes were installed and now the initial grading appears complete as well, since the new rear parking lot is already covered in gravel.  An asphalt paving machine lurks elsewhere on the property.
 Trees are laid in one corner of the rear lot and these will presumably make their way to the rear lot.  Again, looking at the original site plans, there should be many new trees surrounding the rear lot when completed.
 Ornamental bushes are lined up waiting for their holes to be dug as well.  I would guess these are intended to line the new sidewalks, which now wrap completely around the property.
 Unclear what all these sections of partially trenched parking  lot are about.  There are numerous large (and seemingly random) rectangular and square sections of the lot missing, including a few "paths" like this one.
 Inside the building itself, the floor appears to have enjoyed some quality time with a grinder and there is a large hole in the middle of the roof.  No dampness on the floor, so there must be a clear tarp covering it on the outside.
 The walls are being restored around the perimeter, with new drywall and joint compound in place.  I would have thought that they'd cut the garage door access points into the facade first.
 Here's a look at a very small section of new sidewalk.  The light post is also new (there is another one closer to the roadside sign).  The fixtures are a dark green with bars meant for holding flags or banners.
 Perhaps the most interesting transformations in the building are coming soon?  This is the southern wall facing the alleyway.  Eventually there should be a large garage door here where cars will exit the service area.  I didn't see any markings on the wall itself (inside or outside) to indicate demolition was coming any time soon... but look, gravel!
Since Tesla's are electric cars, it stands to reason that a building meant to sell and service them would have greater power requirements than a furniture store.  Here's the proof.  NONE of that equipment was there before-- neither the green boxes nor the shiny metal ones.  This building has received a serious power upgrade!

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